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Can you claim for additional Self Employed Income Support?

The government recently announced an extension to the Self Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS). The first grant covered a three month period to 13 July 2020. The second grant will cover the three months commencing 14 July 2020. Those eligible for the first quarter must have claimed SEISS by 13 July 2020. Can you claim[…] Read more »

Releasing Pension Savings

What if I need to Access my Pension Savings For very many people, finances have suddenly become much more of a worry than we would have imagined little more than a month ago. With their customers effectively in lockdown due to the Coronavirus, even successful enterprises are finding that a collapse in Turnover is putting[…] Read more »

Our tax investigations service

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is under relentless pressure to raise money for the government from increased tax receipts. Inevitably that means more tax and VAT investigations. In 2018-19 HMRC collected £34.1 billion through compliance activity. How is HMRC collecting more money? HMRC’s Connect System is an £80m investment programme and now contains over 22bn[…] Read more »

Accessing the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS)

HMRC have today confirmed that the claims service for the SEISS will open on 13th May and those eligible will have money paid into their bank accounts by 25th May or within six working days of completing a claim. HMRC have confirmed that those eligible will have to make their own claims and will therefore[…] Read more »


  PAYING EXPENSES TO EMPLOYEES – What to report? As an Employer, what do I have to report to HM Revenue & Customs, when paying expenses to employees, or reimbursing them for costs incurred on behalf of the business?   And do I have to deduct tax and National Insurance? The rules in this respect[…] Read more »

Disguised remuneration and the self-employed

Disguised remuneration and the self-employed Newsletter issue – January 2017. Following the announcement in the Autumn Statement, HMRC have published the details of a measure designed to tackle the future use of avoidance schemes currently being used by some self-employed people to avoid paying income tax and NICs on their income. The measure will also[…] Read more »

Payrolling benefits in kind

Payrolling benefits in kind From 6 April 2016 employers can choose to utilise a new HMRC online service ‘payrolling benefits in kind’ which changes the way in which expenses and benefits are taxed and reported to HMRC. So what is payrolling? Payrolling essentially means that employers can put all benefits and expenses through the payroll,[…] Read more »

It’s a Gift for Employee Welfare and Goodwill! – The new “not so” trivial benefits in kind exemption!

£50 is trivial, up to 6 times in a tax year! From 6 April 2016, employers no longer have to agree with HMRC that certain Benefits in Kind are ‘trivial’. Read the full requirements including the examples at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/tax-exemption-for-trivial-benefits-in-kind-draft-guidance/tax-exemption-for-trivial-benefits-in-kind-draft-guidance. Example A is an employer who takes employees out for a meal to celebrate birthdays. Example[…] Read more »

What is “Marriage Allowance” all about?

What is “Marriage Allowance” all about?   After making a claim for Marriage Allowance, a Basic Rate Taxpayer can receive a reduction in the Income Tax he or she pays of up to £212 for 2015/16.   Many people though are unsure as to whether they can claim this, or how to go about making[…] Read more »



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